Our Cats :3

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How many cats do you need to have before you're known as the 'crazy cat lady?'
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Nuclear N8
Nuclear N8 4 minutit tagasi
Agnes Fox
Agnes Fox 17 minutit tagasi
i can't believe how many times i have watched this without getting bored of it.
Артур Погосян
Артур Погосян 2 tundi tagasi
7:13 lets goooo
Yet Magie
Yet Magie 2 tundi tagasi
U want to know why people hates cats it’s because the cats hates them wanna know why the cats hates them it’s because the owners hits them I here people say that they try hurting they’re cat everyday
Hazelyn Dugay
Hazelyn Dugay 4 tundi tagasi
I now you swoosh
Saurabh Karakoti
Saurabh Karakoti 5 tundi tagasi
im a dog persen
Jenson Fields
Jenson Fields 5 tundi tagasi
I've had 2 dogs pass away :(
Alexander Lloyd Timbol
Alexander Lloyd Timbol 7 tundi tagasi
Odd says when he has enough cats... AND ONE DAY ANOTHER CAT and after that, he said no more cats, UNTIL MORE CATS and they are suffering so they died but some are alive and by the way odd is a pro animator and nobody else.
Alexander Lloyd Timbol
Alexander Lloyd Timbol 7 tundi tagasi
Odd put some onions in his eyes lol
Mr cute Man
Mr cute Man 7 tundi tagasi
My first pet dead :(
The Guy
The Guy 8 tundi tagasi
we have 15 cats but then 4 of them died so we have 11 cats(2 kittens)
周俊 9 tundi tagasi
You spell cat in EEpost
Jorge Acosta
Jorge Acosta 10 tundi tagasi
Dam my doggo old 😔
5 Family Friends
5 Family Friends 10 tundi tagasi
Acting for some Japanese TV show? How did she do that if it’s anime and animated?!?!
5 Family Friends
5 Family Friends 10 tundi tagasi
All sailor moon fans that are in season two be like I wanted to watch it without any spoilers because that is absolutely me
Rillian Bustamante
Rillian Bustamante 11 tundi tagasi
I'm actually a bunny person Cause I got 2 bunnys
im OMG
im OMG 11 tundi tagasi
I have a cat
11 tundi tagasi
Poot james
BeeFeeBoi 12 tundi tagasi
I heard black cats with yellow eyes are bad omen cats from minecraft
BeeFeeBoi 12 tundi tagasi
Why are there cats working at a gym
Juana Calel
Juana Calel 12 tundi tagasi
JJ Gaming
JJ Gaming 13 tundi tagasi
Good puns
JJ Gaming
JJ Gaming 13 tundi tagasi
I mean good
T-T 14 tundi tagasi
If you don’t like cats.......your crazy
Guillermo Arrillaga
Guillermo Arrillaga 15 tundi tagasi
Jaylooplayz 16 tundi tagasi
Callum Barclay-Jay
Callum Barclay-Jay 16 tundi tagasi
Rip Georgia
Ains plays
Ains plays 17 tundi tagasi
James you can pick both
Luce 90
Luce 90 18 tundi tagasi
starninja 3
starninja 3 18 tundi tagasi
My cat is dead but she used to scratch my cousin
Dakota Souza
Dakota Souza 18 tundi tagasi
We never got a cat again Ad: get your cat today
guesx 19 tundi tagasi
F in the chat for the cats and dogs
Veronica 19 tundi tagasi
I am also cat lover and wTH why so many cats
Zaijan Benedict Vigilia
Zaijan Benedict Vigilia 20 tundi tagasi
6:58 fire bendders
SeamusTV 21 tund tagasi
Layla 22 tundi tagasi
7:39 "why I don't have a girlfriend" 🤚😭
Layla 22 tundi tagasi
He is talking that chat noir
STH HAGO 22 tundi tagasi
Bro I just realized how much Eminem references there are in like 10 secs
Dino_ baconteam
Dino_ baconteam 23 tundi tagasi
Bro why is it a wanted poster 😌🤌
Edgar Murillo
Edgar Murillo Päev tagasi
this made me want to get a cat 👁👄👁
Muhammad Qasim
Muhammad Qasim Päev tagasi
My house is filled with wild cats and they change houses and I see them every day over house is the supply
Ross Hoover
Ross Hoover Päev tagasi
how old is Georgie in dog years?
S Päev tagasi
Title:Our Cat. Me:Communism is awesome!!!. Give me our cat I am gonna eat it.
Babady Bab
Babady Bab Päev tagasi
0:44 yes
comedy man and a gamer man
comedy man and a gamer man Päev tagasi
yt hanan basri princess
yt hanan basri princess Päev tagasi
When you said remember to appreciate or sum and I did that with my fish but the next day my fish died
Hugh Laurie Ceballos
Hugh Laurie Ceballos Päev tagasi
i got 2 dogs in my home
Felicity Harris
Felicity Harris Päev tagasi
i found the cat
jojor parulian
jojor parulian Päev tagasi
no georgie died lol
Winnie Lam
Winnie Lam Päev tagasi
espinela 2021
espinela 2021 Päev tagasi
Título en español Comentarios en inglés Edit: gracias por lo likes UwU
Mr.HugoBear Päev tagasi
im sorry but dogs are alot more better
ᴠᴀᴍᴘɪʀᴇꜱᴄᴀ 9
ᴠᴀᴍᴘɪʀᴇꜱᴄᴀ 9 Päev tagasi
The sexuality of James: *bisexual*
Rathana Perez
Rathana Perez Päev tagasi
my grandpa mas cat was ruined over by a car
zamahivasquez V_.
zamahivasquez V_. Päev tagasi
Kimberly Farrell
Kimberly Farrell Päev tagasi
Liking cats AND dogs is called being "Bipetual".
GuyWith50LettesInHisNameForFunAndToRuinYourDaySike Päev tagasi
“Hello Everyone” i swear he was going to say and this is YOUR daily dose of internet
Carson Will
Carson Will Päev tagasi
1:24 james: im bisexual for animals When the imposter is sus
Loli Gang
Loli Gang Päev tagasi
GotBucketsJames Päev tagasi
I love cats but I also like dogs more
Betsy Hill
Betsy Hill Päev tagasi
James: but why can I just pick one? Me who has both a cat and a dog: BOI YOU CAN GET BOTH
Ahsoka Pines
Ahsoka Pines Päev tagasi
When he said Azula I thought of TOH The Owl House? Azura? Anyone?
Lily kitty
Lily kitty Päev tagasi
It was like we didn't get another cat tilll add: dove body wash
herlindagarcia96 Päev tagasi
Taco Tuesday
Taco Tuesday Päev tagasi
I am allergic and I still have and love a cat
Lucia Schneider
Lucia Schneider Päev tagasi
Funny how I had a cat ad after the video XD
Jose Maldonado
Jose Maldonado Päev tagasi
Alia Saenz
Alia Saenz Päev tagasi
I cried in the end :(
Arina Mevshaya
Arina Mevshaya Päev tagasi
if you james have watery eyes and you said maybe that feels like love they have fur so if you put your face in it the fur tickles and you have........ watery eyes :/
Da Beanie Boos!
Da Beanie Boos! Päev tagasi
ik wut it feels like when you luv cats and someone comes up and says they are jerks. i feel like biting them after
Jack's WRLD
Jack's WRLD Päev tagasi
I Love Eminem
Sylveon xoxo pokemon evolution
Sylveon xoxo pokemon evolution Päev tagasi
I love cats even tho there aggressive there cute
• autumn •
• autumn • Päev tagasi
0:33 okay let me get this straight, you get like 80,000 views and 0 likes and 1 dislike, yeah okay totally makes sense
h a z e l
h a z e l Päev tagasi
*"im bisexual for animals"*
heavymetallustqueen Päev tagasi
i love dogs and cats
Adrian LeDeaux
Adrian LeDeaux Päev tagasi
Cat on my lap: I don't like it. Cat next to me: aww. So cute.
Sacdiyo Cabdi
Sacdiyo Cabdi Päev tagasi
M Hich vdd be be able you
Sacdiyo Cabdi
Sacdiyo Cabdi Päev tagasi
Bkndkd. Jfkd and you can get my Friends like it is a zoo
Sacdiyo Cabdi
Sacdiyo Cabdi Päev tagasi
Jforhdosbf. Jfofoejodj
Murshida Mary
Murshida Mary Päev tagasi
Hannah Pomakis
Hannah Pomakis Päev tagasi
James: "I'm bisexual for animals😌... wait-" Me: "new favorite quote-"
Benjamin Nutter
Benjamin Nutter Päev tagasi
Just want to point out that James mom who listens to christian rock actually let them name a car after eminem
koibito x
koibito x 2 päeva tagasi
"why i dont have a girlfriend" ....
therandomotaku111 2 päeva tagasi
it said spoiler but he was talking to fast
Chris Njeim
Chris Njeim 2 päeva tagasi
I still hate cats even Tho I have snuggled with a cat
MC Princess
MC Princess 2 päeva tagasi
I pet all stray cats I find. I remember 2 days ago I went to a food market with my mom and we were at the register and I saw a ginger cat. And he was so friendly. I pet her untill we had to leave. I said to my mom that I wanted to pick up the cat and bring it with us.
Manar Alhares
Manar Alhares 2 päeva tagasi
My cat 🐱 names Luna
LEO GAMER 2 päeva tagasi
I wish yt have some screen shot need to show u my 7 cats
LEO GAMER 2 päeva tagasi
Matthew Banes
Matthew Banes 2 päeva tagasi
How about naming baby cat azuly
Mary Beth Duran
Mary Beth Duran 2 päeva tagasi
won of da cats have bloody ear
Judith Sidjabat
Judith Sidjabat 2 päeva tagasi
am wolves lover
Brandii Williams
Brandii Williams 2 päeva tagasi
I don’t think that French student who lived with you was French because in French cat is chein and you can search it if you don’t believe that
Frosted Gaming Studio
Frosted Gaming Studio 2 päeva tagasi
7:13 dababy spotted
george eman
george eman 2 päeva tagasi
george eman
george eman 2 päeva tagasi
I like cats but..ThEiR PoOP SmELlS SoOoOoOOoooO BAdDDDDd
Angelo Simpson
Angelo Simpson 2 päeva tagasi
He thought about it when he said he was bisexual for animals 😂👌
Erin Thomas
Erin Thomas 2 päeva tagasi
I'm so sad that is Luna is dead looks like one of my cats
Noob123 2 päeva tagasi
Don’t worry I have a cat that bites me all the time
Madeline Cunningham
Madeline Cunningham 2 päeva tagasi
Yes I love cats I have my own cat who is a tabby (short hair) and he loves to play and sits on me and purr. I also love dogs, but I’m super happy with my cat named Goo
Apache Apple
Apache Apple 2 päeva tagasi
alternate title: james make as many can puns as possible in 10 minutes
Mika Smith
Mika Smith 2 päeva tagasi
I used to have seven cats
Mika Smith
Mika Smith 2 päeva tagasi
Same when I snuggle a cat James also no it's not a allergie nor love
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