Getting Lost at Camp Geronimo

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Are you a campfire because you're smoking hot.
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KATHY FARRELL 2 tundi tagasi
Don't worry I know your pain I was a cub scout too
M Salas
M Salas 11 tundi tagasi
5:34 kawaii anime eyes
Taite Stone
Taite Stone 11 tundi tagasi
the end of the vid pics
Jane Storm
Jane Storm 13 tundi tagasi
:) :] :[ :(
DMLGaming 13 tundi tagasi
I remember when this vid was posted 30 minutes ago.. holy fridge
Blue Utah Gaming
Blue Utah Gaming 17 tundi tagasi
i did the compass thing to in cub scouts there were a bunch of kids from the den that would find like 5 stones hidden somewhere and each had a clue i found like 3 of them I think =i was in WEBELOS
Cinthya Maldonado
Cinthya Maldonado 23 tundi tagasi
strider man
strider man Päev tagasi
Thx Paul
Reece Playz
Reece Playz Päev tagasi
I literally just blew off that book and the work that came with it
Xswords Päev tagasi
My b day is in may28
Anze Fernandez
Anze Fernandez Päev tagasi
1st of all, tarantulas are not evil. 2nd of all, THAT'S AN OWL JOKE FRIGGIN WHY
kalupwsddf Päev tagasi
In elementary school there was a game called scorpion or something and two people would punch each others knucks until one of them gave up and it led to blood sometimes
Cristiano Mora
Cristiano Mora Päev tagasi
3:07 I need that calendar
Spectator Päev tagasi
I realized today while watching this video that its also April 19th but a year later so 2021. Nice
Rebecca Rae E
Rebecca Rae E Päev tagasi
I get it I hate paul's soul
Ethan Cartwright
Ethan Cartwright Päev tagasi
this is a year old
1:13 Wait that’s not skin
Sihi Vivek
Sihi Vivek Päev tagasi
Happy Birthday Video
LS_turtle 0808
LS_turtle 0808 Päev tagasi
Happy birthday video
Captain-Doodlez Päev tagasi
Your birthday WAS May 14th?! Uh
Róisín Byrne Dunne
Róisín Byrne Dunne Päev tagasi
Paul is everywhere
ImagineWT Päev tagasi
James: hey there's an a and an m here. but it's an all boys camp. do you think that- random guy: IT'S A MARKER
Elliott'sRCmegaedition Päev tagasi
Was it the pool that made your Mirch
iiSleepyBxnnies Päev tagasi
AYOO! Its been exactly 1 year since this was published 19th April :DD
Galaxy_Doge6847 !
Galaxy_Doge6847 ! Päev tagasi
The Anonymous
The Anonymous Päev tagasi
James: 7:46 Me, in April 2021: hahaha.... haha haha..... *sobs*
Kelpo The Weirdo
Kelpo The Weirdo 2 päeva tagasi
Admin Team gaming
Admin Team gaming 2 päeva tagasi
Bruh at the end of that video he said and wash your hands IM ON THE TOILET AND WAS ABOUT TO
Admin Team gaming
Admin Team gaming 2 päeva tagasi
4:27 what button do you have to press to mess up the audio like that? What button in the editing program do you have to press?
Olivia Dow
Olivia Dow 2 päeva tagasi
this was posted one year ago, ( writing this on apr. 19 21 )
Tushig S
Tushig S 2 päeva tagasi
James:did a sick back flip. What James animated:a sick front flip.
Wolfje bruh girl
Wolfje bruh girl 2 päeva tagasi
I read the lord of the flies.
Lily 2 päeva tagasi
Oh hey, 1 year anniversary of this video
Sally McDowell
Sally McDowell 2 päeva tagasi
"Just because you're young doesn't mean you're stupid" 4yr old me spooning (not THAT) out of the sugar container:
Sally McDowell
Sally McDowell 2 päeva tagasi
James: "First person to say 'Geronimo' before doing a sick backflip into his pool. Drawing: Does sick frontflip into his pool
|PolarBerry| 2 päeva tagasi
Am I the only one who clicked because it had Geronimo? Like some books written by Geronimo Stilton? When I was little I used to read it lol
KindBurrito Gaming
KindBurrito Gaming 2 päeva tagasi
is it a coincidence that this video is posted on 420?
Tyler Trembath
Tyler Trembath 2 päeva tagasi
4:17 yeah James, it’s ok. At least you admit to your faults with a video. Don’t ever change, wee lov yoar horibel speling
Conhow305 2 päeva tagasi
This video made me do Boy Scouts But can’t do it because of this dumb virus
Conhow305 2 päeva tagasi
This video made me want to do Boy Scout
Alheli Martinez
Alheli Martinez 2 päeva tagasi
"Because its dangerous and im a loser!" Me: I found my twin.
Maria Avila
Maria Avila 2 päeva tagasi
James:hey this tree has an a and a m thats weird bc we are at a allá boys camp do you think- Paul 2:ITS A MARKER
Oliver Tapia
Oliver Tapia 2 päeva tagasi
Oliver Tapia
Oliver Tapia 2 päeva tagasi
Paul it for pokemon
Jennebelle G
Jennebelle G 2 päeva tagasi
You never sead you went to camp with ANIMAL CROSSING i saw blathers and Tom nook
Andy Park Punticoocy
Andy Park Punticoocy 2 päeva tagasi
This was awesome1!!!!!!!!!!!!
Megan Bolling
Megan Bolling 2 päeva tagasi
Did I see some Animal Crossing people in that likewise are the only one who noticed that
꧁ChērrÿDragøn꧂ 2 päeva tagasi
"Just because you're young doesn't mean you're stupid" 7 year old me bending over randomly on the stairs thinking that if I collapsed wings would sprout out of my back:
LittleEnt13 2 päeva tagasi
James: we were playing with matches and we lit a fire in a camp area with dry bushes me: PANIK james: we told everyone and the fire was put out me:kalm james:we were lighting them and throwing them at eachother me: PANIK
Juleah Kelly
Juleah Kelly 2 päeva tagasi
"Just because you're young doesn't mean you're stupid"... 8 year old me thinking money grew on trees
Adamishere 3
Adamishere 3 2 päeva tagasi
James: JuSt BeCaUsE yOuR yOuNg DoSeNt MeAn YoUr StUpId. People in The comments: 5 year old me-
Cringe Meister
Cringe Meister 2 päeva tagasi
Whaaaat?! My bday is May 15!!
Jane elizabeth
Jane elizabeth 2 päeva tagasi
James “sick backflip” Rando guy: front flip
kagami 3 päeva tagasi
can a girl go?????
Miraxulous 3 päeva tagasi
I can’t believe it’s been 1 year. I remember this coming out like it was yesterday
Hågen 613
Hågen 613 3 päeva tagasi
James: ‘’I think I started it…’’ … … … *!!!FBI OPEN UP!!!*
Riley Ghent
Riley Ghent 3 päeva tagasi
Just because your young, doesn’t mean your stupid My four year old self that ate a penny
nezuko chan
nezuko chan 3 päeva tagasi
"just because your young doesn't mean your stupid" 4 year old me EATING dirt 🙂
{ Èdrién }
{ Èdrién } 3 päeva tagasi
I was waiting for u to say "and wear your seat belts" lol
joan lee
joan lee 3 päeva tagasi
My birthday:14-5
J03 3 päeva tagasi
Tomorrow this gonna be a year old time flies
Kawai Bear
Kawai Bear 3 päeva tagasi
Thats my birthday- 3:00
Arch COD
Arch COD 3 päeva tagasi
"Just because your young doesn't mean your stupid" 7 year old me doesn't know what's a rock
Nicola Golding
Nicola Golding 3 päeva tagasi
I'm hanging out with THE GUYS!!!
carly panpanxD
carly panpanxD 3 päeva tagasi
ThE GuYs
Maribel Mateo Sandoval
Maribel Mateo Sandoval 3 päeva tagasi
Blake Wray
Blake Wray 3 päeva tagasi
I did the same activity when I was at school camp in year 6....I’m pretty sure year 6
TheWilsonBro Gamers
TheWilsonBro Gamers 3 päeva tagasi
Ryliee Butterfield
Ryliee Butterfield 3 päeva tagasi
happy birthday
Victoria Wang
Victoria Wang 3 päeva tagasi
Sreehemant Atluri
Sreehemant Atluri 3 päeva tagasi
Sreehemant Atluri
Sreehemant Atluri 3 päeva tagasi
my b day is may 14
d27 3 päeva tagasi
0:52 isn't that that one symbol that means...
Alexander Walker
Alexander Walker 3 päeva tagasi
“We were playing with matcha and we accidentally lit some dried bushes on fire and it got out of control” yeah wonder what dried bushes meant James
Mega User
Mega User Päev tagasi
dylan Janzen
dylan Janzen 3 päeva tagasi
If you my sister she say fuck you
Ghostlia 3 päeva tagasi
"If you haven't read Lord of the Flies, you're probably gonna have to in school some day" I didn't believe that a year ago but today I'm assigned to finish the whole thing and analyze all of the characters in the chapters one by one (A new list of characters for very chapter and re-analyzing them over and over again. Doing one characters analyze takes an hour and there are about 24 boys in the island) AND watch the movie in *t h r e e d a y s* It's fun to not sleep for over 48 hours as a 14 year old Yes, I have a good memory Yes, I have major sleep issues Yes, my literature teacher is cruel
Gigi Gaud
Gigi Gaud 3 päeva tagasi
hey james I dare u to play ark survival evolved !
hi hi
hi hi 3 päeva tagasi
Waffle Berry
Waffle Berry 3 päeva tagasi
Plause exactly on 5:54 and you'll realise why they freaked out ;)
Andrew Carver
Andrew Carver 3 päeva tagasi
How have I not seen this till now???
Abi the R.O
Abi the R.O 3 päeva tagasi
Yeah he Should've put the magnet thing in his other pocket i guess.
Mandy Priore
Mandy Priore 4 päeva tagasi
James: "Just because you’re young doesn’t mean you're stupid.” 6yr old me: *How do they film Harry Potter if Hogwarts doesn't exist?*
deradoom 4 päeva tagasi
You played magic the gathering too?
Owen Ledo
Owen Ledo 4 päeva tagasi
Owen Ledo
Owen Ledo 4 päeva tagasi
Michaela Hupkova
Michaela Hupkova 4 päeva tagasi
Iam loser too
DevilG Studios
DevilG Studios 4 päeva tagasi
Anyone else just binge watching James because their bored and nothing interesting is happening? :l
Gamer Panda
Gamer Panda 4 päeva tagasi
Hayley Tincknell
Hayley Tincknell 4 päeva tagasi
James: *rips off skin to show abbs* Me:😨😨😤 Ok.
Jeewan chandra Joshi
Jeewan chandra Joshi 4 päeva tagasi
My birthday is 13 may so yeah
David Cardinal
David Cardinal 4 päeva tagasi
Hey, 2:27 the badge has magikarp on it.
KAIA SIEGAN 4 päeva tagasi
Wait a minute you did what with matches!!!?!??!?!?!
TRUE DARK Enitiy 4 päeva tagasi
12 year olds can be naturally the smart people alive but most dont care
Debi Tynan
Debi Tynan 4 päeva tagasi
The impostor is not me be cost i.m not the impostor
Ruby 4 päeva tagasi
.......interesting 🤔
gabriel rodrigues
gabriel rodrigues 4 päeva tagasi
0:00 "if you haven't reed the lord of the flies, you'll probably have to one day in school" You assume I have a school to go to or if I even do online school... it's called homeschooling.
TTVxdcaleb19 4 päeva tagasi
All the comments are “James:just because in young doesn’t mean I’m stupid”
Nikos Panos
Nikos Panos 4 päeva tagasi
Alyssa Comer
Alyssa Comer 4 päeva tagasi
I am 6 years old
Alyssa Comer
Alyssa Comer 4 päeva tagasi
I am a girl
Brooklyn d
Brooklyn d 4 päeva tagasi
James: Just because you're young doesn't mean you're stupid. *8 year old me feeding a wild turtle a cheeto*: 👁👄👁
Roxanne_Gacha_3 13 tundi tagasi
Yes I liked ur comment
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