Conventions (I miss them)

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I hope these videos aren’t CONVENTIONal to you
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Shadowdeku Vd
Shadowdeku Vd Tund tagasi
Do you watch my hero
Lane Lewis
Lane Lewis 5 tundi tagasi
dang it now my favorite EEpostrs are furries I'm turning into a doom fan now
xBerries._Berries?x 11 tundi tagasi
I won’t judge if you like furries. 1. Because it’s you 2. I’m a furry myself. But I don’t go around like oMg uWuUUuUuUuwu
Jacob Stamm
Jacob Stamm 11 tundi tagasi
I was a bed wetter until / was 8
LiamBradley TV
LiamBradley TV 12 tundi tagasi
@xylex he is
POUGNO BOBO 13 tundi tagasi
mabye furries are just like peoples who do not like themself so they act weird and wear suits idk
A chicken Strip
A chicken Strip 13 tundi tagasi
Everyone on earth at this point: james, are you a furry? The answer: yesnt
simply owen
simply owen 14 tundi tagasi
1:52 *looks at left person’s shoulder* HAIL HYDRA
Alpha Wolf
Alpha Wolf 14 tundi tagasi
I am a furry and really want to go to a convention 😭😭😭😭
Chloezz_YTer 14 tundi tagasi
1:11 James: Oh.. these pop culture characters are judging me because I'm not wearing any makeup.😥 Me: wait... isn't he dressed up as theodd1sout in this video?
Jade Figueira
Jade Figueira 15 tundi tagasi
You can tell us you're a furry, we won't judge you
Shinji The cat
Shinji The cat 15 tundi tagasi
Why you chuck my snow globe
Glitch_The_Floof 16 tundi tagasi
The costume he was wearing in the video is an actual fursuit named chip and I think it's him
SparkTail 17 tundi tagasi
i find it ironic how im a furry and hypersensitive to other people touching me
Senzy RBLX
Senzy RBLX 18 tundi tagasi
My snow globe!!!!!!
Jacobbug 619
Jacobbug 619 18 tundi tagasi
Da moose
Liam LMAO 18 tundi tagasi
I want to go to game con. (put im a poor kid that doesn't have the money.)
Esat gacha tr
Esat gacha tr 20 tundi tagasi
me = you furry james? james= *yes and no*
joshua nichols
joshua nichols 22 tundi tagasi
lamalamalex Päev tagasi
I was half paying attention and had a heart attack when I thought James said he was trying really hard not to like KINKY things 🤣🤣🤣
Cathy Hendrietha
Cathy Hendrietha Päev tagasi
Kopa Kiro
Kopa Kiro Päev tagasi
Elise Moll
Elise Moll Päev tagasi
your grandpa is a legend! Also I love your videos and I think you're a legend as well
dumb the spy
dumb the spy Päev tagasi
........... chill it's a furrys nature to touch.
WhiteWulfe Päev tagasi
I dunno, in some ways, I'm happy there aren't as many conventions. you get a bit tired of so many random people asking you if they can crash at your place during the weekend... People who've either never talked to you before, or haven't talked to you for almost a whole year >.< On the flipside though, I was actually kind of looking forward to potentially going to that convention this year, but it's definitely been bumped to 2022 now... Which is handy, because it means I can put the money towards a new airbrush setup instead of spending all that money at a convention.
khadijah kabeer
khadijah kabeer Päev tagasi
What if Jeff Goldblum saw this
Ashlynn Lara
Ashlynn Lara Päev tagasi
I love furries
Void Fox
Void Fox Päev tagasi
James: furry's are very touchy Me (guess by my icon): Yes, because we are dressed up, and acting/roleplaying, to be like animals, who show affection, through t o u c h i n g.
PurpleZombie Päev tagasi
Also, it's not like Nintendo, a million dollar company, cares about if some rando sells a bowser plush
Random Enginering
Random Enginering Päev tagasi
James: i am not a furry 2k fursuit: whatever you say
hawksome123 !
hawksome123 ! Päev tagasi
So true
hawksome123 !
hawksome123 ! Päev tagasi
I love the degenerates part xD
BlueBerry Fox The Colorblind Furry
BlueBerry Fox The Colorblind Furry Päev tagasi
yo i see adler the eagle in the thumbnail
DR Puro
DR Puro Päev tagasi
Falconidae Päev tagasi
As a person who is also a closeted furry, James, is most definitely a furry
monstrouslippy Päev tagasi
what the l see Steven and WHAT!
Izaiah Ruiz
Izaiah Ruiz 2 päeva tagasi
Fuck you furry
Ivy Bumanglag
Ivy Bumanglag 2 päeva tagasi
Wow James is nice and mean at the same time ₩Ø₩
TBW: BANGLA GAMING 2 päeva tagasi
I am a bed wetter too
Danne 2 päeva tagasi
You do not need to share that
Derpatronic Productions
Derpatronic Productions 2 päeva tagasi
If James is a furry, I don’t care because he’s still normal and it’s not what his whole personality revolves around.
Kaden Asch
Kaden Asch 2 päeva tagasi
EEpost comment section in a nut shell: EEpost comment section in a nut shell…nothing chang WAIT
FreddyFaz Plays
FreddyFaz Plays 2 päeva tagasi
Bruh wat James
Robin Agers
Robin Agers 2 päeva tagasi
James is a furry
Abby smileシ
Abby smileシ 2 päeva tagasi
When I seen Steven :)
Gabriel Annandale
Gabriel Annandale 2 päeva tagasi
Ok sorry but i like you videos that I watch in the gulag
W Dino
W Dino 2 päeva tagasi
1:16 Mate you’re not wearing clothes
ScooptiDoopti 2 päeva tagasi
This kid on the left looks like a Roblox Guest LOL 7:20
foxy princess
foxy princess 2 päeva tagasi
My frist comic con was when I was a baby
Isabelle Woods
Isabelle Woods 2 päeva tagasi
I’d like to say as a Harry Potter fan I only shop off brand merch I don’t think jkr deserves any of my money
Pippy Barrow
Pippy Barrow 2 päeva tagasi
So much bakugo......
xxjdmAE86xx 2 päeva tagasi
Adler beat up James :(
xxjdmAE86xx 2 päeva tagasi
I subbed again :0
Jess Silver
Jess Silver 2 päeva tagasi
Kid: he threw away my snowglobe! James: and now I feel bad so... Ad: Let's talk about gramarly!
Kermit 2 päeva tagasi
He ruined my snowglobe 😪
Souzou Ookami
Souzou Ookami 2 päeva tagasi
6:13 is that foofi all the way to the right?
utkarsh mittal
utkarsh mittal 2 päeva tagasi
That darn computer machine-
matteluke_brothers:XD 2 päeva tagasi
James is furry
LERIKS 2 päeva tagasi
And there's brickcon
annoorgohan Rachel
annoorgohan Rachel 2 päeva tagasi
Ten mouths later and I still don't know why he got a *BOWSER BODY PILLOW.*
Luisana Flores cano
Luisana Flores cano 2 päeva tagasi
The moose could of been a girl. Oh it would make it worse because u have a gf
Dunte 3 päeva tagasi
ew furry
xxXLeafy_catzXxx 3 päeva tagasi
That whatever this is is a quad suit It’s like a fur suit but you got stilts for your hands
ÇÔĻĎHĘĂŘŢ 3 päeva tagasi
Somewhere In the world exist a jen Puppet and Jaenms needs it
Call Me Den
Call Me Den 3 päeva tagasi
-------------Note to everyone---------- DO NOT GO TO AN ANIME CON WEARING A MHA CUSTOM OR MHA T SHIRT
Mr gamer
Mr gamer 3 päeva tagasi
I always wanted to cosplay as a stormtrooper
DENALI'S CHANNEL 3 päeva tagasi
James. I think they think that some of you are Awkward That part gets me
Thorons_minion 3 päeva tagasi
I come back as a furry>:)
Matthew Kennedy
Matthew Kennedy 3 päeva tagasi
Was James a brony at one point? I’m not mad, just a new subscriber curious as to why he would be looking to go to a brony panel if he wasn’t one.
Magnus N.
Magnus N. 3 päeva tagasi
Who else thought is said conversations
FaeryB0mb 3 päeva tagasi
yo why do you look kinda like my brother?
Colette X in a Mental Breakdown
Colette X in a Mental Breakdown 3 päeva tagasi
Ok you can tell the truth to us james we wont judge... are you a furry or not??
Deperessed_ Animelover57
Deperessed_ Animelover57 3 päeva tagasi
On a computer screen I saw bakugou and was like oh my God does he watch my hero academia too
Hyxce 12
Hyxce 12 3 päeva tagasi
Finnegan Tate
Finnegan Tate 3 päeva tagasi
The quadriplegic horse is called a quad suit and it’s a fursuit
FerretDoodle 3 päeva tagasi
6:08 how does he know who catra is....unless....
Skelebone 789
Skelebone 789 3 päeva tagasi
6:49 had me wheezing!
Brodie Gotte
Brodie Gotte 3 päeva tagasi
I thought that James wasn't a furry 🤔
Donna Gibbons
Donna Gibbons 3 päeva tagasi
James is a furry I know it doesn't sound real but it is it's real guys believe me please believe me he is a furry
Tewin BG
Tewin BG 3 päeva tagasi
1:12 Steven!?
randy jampil 77
randy jampil 77 4 päeva tagasi
Wait did u say it grandfather go to war?
Reian 4 päeva tagasi
The bowser body pillow caught me off guard
Top Thapa
Top Thapa 4 päeva tagasi
What the faking was that
ResurrectedDoom2020 4 päeva tagasi
**shows body pillow** Me: sir, this is a offense to existence and you are no longer allowed to litterally exist
Ryan Wolf
Ryan Wolf 4 päeva tagasi
Hector Chairez
Hector Chairez 4 päeva tagasi
The elevator full of furries is my fear and I’d probably be screaming in my head while looking very uncomfortable.
Nicolas Darkness Wolf
Nicolas Darkness Wolf 4 päeva tagasi
Fun fact, fursuits really MM REALLY DONT want to be touched , mostly because the suit is really hard to keep good, and some people just pet them like it be a real dog ..
sivsaz2011 A̸j̸
sivsaz2011 A̸j̸ 2 päeva tagasi
Lol why did your pfp look real far away
Nicolas Darkness Wolf
Nicolas Darkness Wolf 4 päeva tagasi
Reminder that James has a Bowser body pillow
Octopie 4 päeva tagasi
I-I- My snow globe...
zakretz games
zakretz games 4 päeva tagasi
Ur grandpa fought hydra? Cool
Yep 4 päeva tagasi
The Miner
The Miner 4 päeva tagasi
im a fan of mlp and trust me its worth it
Alien popcorn
Alien popcorn 4 päeva tagasi
I might just become a furry so that people touch me 😞
Shea Hannah
Shea Hannah 4 päeva tagasi
Andy Wright
Andy Wright 4 päeva tagasi
「 Lessons of the day 」
「 Lessons of the day 」 4 päeva tagasi
Leson of the day: *never give james a homemade snow globe*
Fabulous Ferret
Fabulous Ferret 4 päeva tagasi
Strawberry Lime
Strawberry Lime 4 päeva tagasi
Hey do you know that so where you did I don't know how to spell it but it was like you worked at a subway and you're like what I don't know remember but I watched like all of your videos you're I'm your biggest fan I am your biggest fan seriously I don't jeans biggest fan I'm Jayden's biggest fan And I'm Rebecca's favorite Fan biggest fan I mean I like all of you But Rebecca like doesn't have a mouth and I'm like I can't tell whether she is watching us or talking cause you know when it she's like Does that it's just I can't can't no No no no no no no no I'm sorry am I talking too much I am😟
Strawberry Lime
Strawberry Lime 4 päeva tagasi
Hi I am just a normal person like asking something and I like to talk a lot but I'm usually not talking a lot I just like to fill up the quietness I like I like my sentences long because........... I so no remember Dory Had short-term memory I think I have that but I'm not sure I have that so I you know do something but I I like to fill out the space of quiet I went people are quiet and they're not saying anything when they're on their laptop doing schools drawing like maybe even you I love talking like I mean I'm usually don't talk when a person comes over So yeah that's my Life My brother's birthday was yesterday we had to soup it was beautiful And then we had Oreo cake or frozen or ice cream cake let was wait Do you know frozen too I mean I know frozen to it's Cool it's for than to it's frozen 2's for them I'm sorry am I talking too much Anyway What was the say That was right................... I'm a nerd I think Can you give me $1,000 I don't know if I have $1,000 I don't know I like to talk a lot Like usually when it's really quiet and When I person come over to my house I'm like so shy I can't even speak I'm like but I wanna be shy so I just tried behind my mom Am I talking too much I'm sorry I'm not are you talking too much and my talking too much I don't think I'm talking too much do you think I'm talking to me I think this sentence is long do you think this substance is long cause if you see the sentence and you're like oh Jesus is long and I like seriously that's what no No no no no no no no no no no I should probably watch your video.
igouspoput 5 päeva tagasi
j=James talking about not being a furry- My next video: I beg to differ
Phoenix Dening
Phoenix Dening 5 päeva tagasi
Can you help me I love fnaf specially withered foxy can you tell me what that means because my long thing down under goes hard when I see a image of toy chica
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Elements tcg 4 päeva tagasi
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