A Book I Made as an Adult

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Signed copies are SOLD OUT (sorry.)
(Non-signed copy) goo.gl/yU2Ekk
Follow me on twitter for updates: theodd1sout
Mad lib book report docs.google.com/document/d/1MjlTxVqy1hXbfw10fWVEYtczwzM-xMB3l8wYAK--bBc/edit?usp=sharing
Big thanks to GingerPale and Zalinki for voicing parts of the video

Challenger Päev tagasi
I like your book
Dan Harrington
Dan Harrington 3 päeva tagasi
I have that book
Bermo 2009
Bermo 2009 4 päeva tagasi
James I handed in the fake book report it worked
Osvi Alvarado
Osvi Alvarado 4 päeva tagasi
And your GAME!
Osvi Alvarado
Osvi Alvarado 4 päeva tagasi
I have both of your books
Ryann McIlwaine
Ryann McIlwaine 7 päeva tagasi
Measa like stick figure comics
Rob Gaming
Rob Gaming 8 päeva tagasi
James' Book = Good Book Romeo and Juliet = Romantic Grapes of Wrath = Christian Veggies
Ender Gaming
Ender Gaming 6 päeva tagasi
Picture AND words
BANANA. SLAYER 9 päeva tagasi
I have the book there are 13 chapters
Cool Bro
Cool Bro 9 päeva tagasi
I made a book commercial called book it todatta
Baiba Samohvalova
Baiba Samohvalova 10 päeva tagasi
Lunatic Wolvez
Lunatic Wolvez 10 päeva tagasi
How do make books I want to make some for my subscribers and how do make merch ....... or do u just get tailors to do it ?
Avinash Chauhan
Avinash Chauhan 11 päeva tagasi
I live in India so I have Inden Money so can you please sele it in Indian Money also
Jack Draws
Jack Draws 11 päeva tagasi
Jenyr Fercho
Jenyr Fercho 11 päeva tagasi
This is the only book I read
The Lake Guardian
The Lake Guardian 11 päeva tagasi
i brought the book
Odd 1
Odd 1 12 päeva tagasi
I got it for christmas
Cristi Dragan
Cristi Dragan 13 päeva tagasi
Hey guys im from future and i wabt to say 2020 is horible
dg2621 13 päeva tagasi
U are The best!!!!
Mark Leighton
Mark Leighton 13 päeva tagasi
Don’t bother buying the book 8 of the story’s are on EEpost and the stories that are not on video are now so 3 new stories
vs gaming
vs gaming 14 päeva tagasi
I just read the mad lib book report thing and it's so good
Gumblaze 14 päeva tagasi
Do you know what cyanide and happiness is?
Aisling Craig
Aisling Craig 15 päeva tagasi
James : Christmas is around the corner It’s was published in JUNE
Aftmostfieesh 15 päeva tagasi
Cadence Scott
Cadence Scott 16 päeva tagasi
Omg I didn’t actually pay attention to the world...ever...so I didn’t know that pearls before swine was in so many news papers. It’s by far my favorite NEWSPAPER comic strip, emphasis in newspaper because I like other comics.
SANS 16 päeva tagasi
Julia Eversole
Julia Eversole 17 päeva tagasi
Who else is watching in 2021?
theking135 17 päeva tagasi
Hi hi hi hi hi
Hi hi hi hi hi 17 päeva tagasi
I have the dantdm enchanted crystal book and the popularmmos book
Joseph Walther
Joseph Walther 18 päeva tagasi
I have the book and I was begging for it and now I got it
Mark Leighton
Mark Leighton 13 päeva tagasi
Is it good how many stories were the same
Jacob Wright
Jacob Wright 18 päeva tagasi
James: "Christmas is right around the corner!" Video: "posted June 16 2018"
Pony Moreno
Pony Moreno 21 päev tagasi
Omg I love love your videos
Simplified Studios
Simplified Studios 21 päev tagasi
“Yes the Rumors are true!” 2020 is sad
Parkour Lucas
Parkour Lucas 22 päeva tagasi
I ordered the signed book 2 years ago and I never got it 😭
Tori Erdossy
Tori Erdossy 22 päeva tagasi
How do you draw the exact same person every video!
Dachshund Love
Dachshund Love 23 päeva tagasi
This is my favorite book
Mark Leighton
Mark Leighton 13 päeva tagasi
How many of the stories are the same
Dachshund Love
Dachshund Love 23 päeva tagasi
I bought both of the books
HYDRA BRØS 23 päeva tagasi
Mr James pls upload a video
Hawkin Ross
Hawkin Ross 23 päeva tagasi
I love the book.
Siu Yin Wong
Siu Yin Wong 25 päeva tagasi
Ok ok ok calm dont be angry😖
Siu Yin Wong
Siu Yin Wong 25 päeva tagasi
iisunnyii 28 päeva tagasi
hi James can you make a video about book fair? If you did it?
Lucas rode 2246
Lucas rode 2246 28 päeva tagasi
Hey James I like your videos and when the pajama bundle is restocked I will definitely buy it I hope you see this I also am going to put your book on my birthday list.
wofycorn Місяць tagasi
BRUH I all ready bought it!
life of a warrior
life of a warrior Місяць tagasi
I am reading your book and the 2nd 1
Sabry Ali
Sabry Ali Місяць tagasi
Press read more.. DO IT Never gonna give you up never gonna let you down never gonna run around and hurt you never gonna make you cry
Juan Місяць tagasi
James Do you have a dad
Gamer Girl
Gamer Girl Місяць tagasi
I got one 4 days ago
Mark Leighton
Mark Leighton 13 päeva tagasi
How many stories were the same
Sparkle Entertaintment
Sparkle Entertaintment Місяць tagasi
Stephen pastis Also created timmy failure, my favorite book
Jenni Thomas
Jenni Thomas Місяць tagasi
I want kidney failures in this book
Kayden’s Animations
Kayden’s Animations Місяць tagasi
RaeLee Amis
RaeLee Amis Місяць tagasi
I don’t have Twitter
SuperFunEvie Місяць tagasi
Guess how many word the book has... ITS HAS 2000!!! and yes i did read it, ITS SOOOOO GOOOODDDD
Caden Norris
Caden Norris Місяць tagasi
3:57 4:20 ay
Arab Princess
Arab Princess Місяць tagasi
The venomous tin byerly regret because rain willy borrow before a true religion. faithful, cloudy cabbage
Carter the Hedgehog beast
Carter the Hedgehog beast Місяць tagasi
Sorry James but I already preordered the bible
Felix pan
Felix pan Місяць tagasi
I brought the book 2 month ago
Evin Ghostwrite
Evin Ghostwrite Місяць tagasi
Imagine if he made a video "book I made as a grandpa" and that's like his last video
- Xakez -
- Xakez - Місяць tagasi
James making this so he won’t have to make as much videos: 💲T 🅾️ N K💲
Irma Maciel
Irma Maciel Місяць tagasi
wweessttoonn_ssharpp Місяць tagasi
I have this book
my mate Dave
my mate Dave Місяць tagasi
@OnyxAnimates no
OnyxAnimates Місяць tagasi
Yo bro could you check out my first animation and tell me what you think???
tour AWD
tour AWD Місяць tagasi
Sreethan 1006
Sreethan 1006 Місяць tagasi
Your way better then William Shakespeare
Anya G
Anya G Місяць tagasi
I have all your books!!
Tobey Geller
Tobey Geller Місяць tagasi
OK sorry meant to say copy
Tobey Geller
Tobey Geller Місяць tagasi
I bought my coffee at target and that’s not a bookstore?
【R】【u】【b】【y】 Місяць tagasi
I'm actually doing a book report right now-
Toyaa Ikem
Toyaa Ikem Місяць tagasi
kelly McCutchen
kelly McCutchen Місяць tagasi
I found your book at barns at the small town I currently live in
Kool Kat
Kool Kat Місяць tagasi
No offence to James but his first book wasn’t very good but I luv his 2nd one
Miah Martinez
Miah Martinez Місяць tagasi
THE BOOK IS GREAT OKAY!!!!!!!🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍😍🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩😂😂😂😂😂😅😅😅😅😅😅😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😄😄😄😄😄😄😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😀😀😀😀
Toada Soda
Toada Soda Місяць tagasi
TheOdd1sOut Made A Book?!
A Genuine guy
A Genuine guy Місяць tagasi
Good Book
ruba fadel
ruba fadel Місяць tagasi
I love watching the odd ones out yeah I put space between i go to school and teachers brainwashed me to do that so yeah. I loooooooooov your vids man
sau ngoh liew
sau ngoh liew Місяць tagasi
Ok ima gonna buy it
Jennifer Adams
Jennifer Adams Місяць tagasi
That's just the inside sleeve lol
VEDAANT VAGISH Місяць tagasi
James im ur biggest fan
Ocean memes M
Ocean memes M Місяць tagasi
This book though so bomb is better then my EEpost channel
Kevin Marquez
Kevin Marquez Місяць tagasi
Kevin Marquez
Kevin Marquez Місяць tagasi
Nayan Animations
Nayan Animations Місяць tagasi
James: Christmas is on the line. Me: Checks publish date. Also me: YOU LITTLE
Googy Gamer
Googy Gamer Місяць tagasi
His book will be great he’s my favorite EEpostrs and he is the best book ever I don’t know so I don’t really good for nerds
Courteney Guttormson
Courteney Guttormson Місяць tagasi
He exposed his last name
Natasha Mariscal
Natasha Mariscal Місяць tagasi
I Brought ur book!! And I read it all-..............
GAMERS COVE Місяць tagasi
Theo dd 1 sout
Senibuns WAVES
Senibuns WAVES Місяць tagasi
Me: Looks at the book report. Also me: This looks a bit too advanced for 4th grade. I'm 9.
Wallis Greenman
Wallis Greenman Місяць tagasi
I have your book I got it today and I have already read two chapters
Ciabhán Cosgrove
Ciabhán Cosgrove Місяць tagasi
jnoellescott Місяць tagasi
Sam Studio
Sam Studio Місяць tagasi
I saw your book at target
Sam Studio
Sam Studio Місяць tagasi
Well it will be gone because I saw one book but I didn’t buy it so have a chance
Craftsbegum Місяць tagasi
Woah is it still on stock
Peanut 2 місяці tagasi
the science fair is literally next on my reccomended
Melissa Creel
Melissa Creel 2 місяці tagasi
James: doesn’t say wear your seatbelt Me: wait that’s illegal 😳
Jude Campi
Jude Campi 2 місяці tagasi
I AM A FAN get it? Fan
CrimsonCreeper628 2 місяці tagasi
CrimsonCreeper628 2 місяці tagasi
Oh that thing? I loved ur book good job
Imagination Animation
Imagination Animation 2 місяці tagasi
Ha ha jokes on you I got to read whatever I wanted and now I will be reading a 358 page long book about Five Nights at Freddy's.
Spar Champ
Spar Champ 2 місяці tagasi
Subscribe to spar champ
V'Art Space
V'Art Space 2 місяці tagasi
I have the book!
SnowFox 2 місяці tagasi
''Christmas is right around the corner '' Jun 16, 2018
Azmain Szr
Azmain Szr 2 місяці tagasi
[- _ -]
Giana Phelan
Giana Phelan 2 місяці tagasi
I don't know if you still make vids or check comments or anything, but I really want the link to that book report madlibs (idk if I spelled that right and I don't think I did) thing....
Saviah 2 місяці tagasi
I bought this bk 2 years ago
tieaoontwftw 2 місяці tagasi
Now all we need is Hollywood to make a live action movie about this book
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