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My Decaying Mind in Quarantine
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Cartoon Comic Collections (Vol. 1)
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Conventions (I miss them)
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Junk Food
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Movie Sequels
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Talking to Strangers
The Spiders and the Bees
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10 Million Sprinkle Special
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Christmas Carols
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Our Cats :3
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Tabletop Games
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Wrong Numbers
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A Book I Made as an Adult
Growing up Without Cable
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Buying Clothes
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Keira Kim_ACNH
Keira Kim_ACNH 9 tundi tagasi
Out of all the parellel universes we could've lived in, we live in the one where bakugo is only an anime character
Isabela Grace Gambol
Isabela Grace Gambol 9 tundi tagasi
here at phillipines there are alot of clothing that is cheap and my mom said the 50 pesos is 1$ soo its pretty cheap
eeveelution gaming
eeveelution gaming 9 tundi tagasi
ya its prity old
Blackdog Portal_Runner
Blackdog Portal_Runner 9 tundi tagasi
Did you show Anubis?
SimpNShip Co
SimpNShip Co 9 tundi tagasi
Cringy fanigirls shifting to the creepypasta mansion making their script: Name: eyeless eliza the laughing killer backstory: my parents abused me and I was bullied and my goldfish abused me and I abused me and everyone abused me and I killed my parents and my goldfish and the school and it was rainy and Jeff came out of the woods and said 'your not like the others " and took me with him.and then we got married
vaibhav pandit
vaibhav pandit 9 tundi tagasi
I didn’t watch mr beasts video until I finished yours
Raza M
Raza M 9 tundi tagasi
I did buy your book
Anthony Cabrera
Anthony Cabrera 9 tundi tagasi
When someone hit me with a ball i would do stuff to them one time someone hit me with a basketball becouse we were playing baketball i whent up to him with the ball and punched his face with the ball i remember he went home after that
Jadore Brown
Jadore Brown 9 tundi tagasi
I’m sorry but the outro reminds me of the guy who tested positive for colvd but couldn’t pernounce it 😂😂😂😂
Parker TDM
Parker TDM 9 tundi tagasi
4:37 Ah yes, The Great Donger. 5:02 If my family used that rule, that one time I read Red Square by Martin Cruz Smith, I would have gotten a really long turn.
Eco 9 tundi tagasi
I love your hamster ol’ chap
Sara Villanueva
Sara Villanueva 9 tundi tagasi
It’s been 5 years
Alexiana Layman-Zayas
Alexiana Layman-Zayas 9 tundi tagasi
5:53 no need to call me out like that
AXel Jeremiah Peñaranda
AXel Jeremiah Peñaranda 9 tundi tagasi
I have a pet pray mantis but got eaten by a tarantula :( my Mantis’s name is Gary
Adam Yerima
Adam Yerima 9 tundi tagasi
its kinda cool coming back and seeing a comment I made more than 2 years ago.
Lennyable 9 tundi tagasi
3:43 "I touch myself"
dwayne jacob
dwayne jacob 9 tundi tagasi
Im 10 years old and i got a smart phone😆
trâm nguyễn
trâm nguyễn 9 tundi tagasi
My hamster went missing after 3 days😢😢 I named him JACKER
Tyas Priyatini
Tyas Priyatini 9 tundi tagasi
4:13 **MENACING SCREECH** and another one 5:34
Dolly 9 tundi tagasi
Word is fuck f u c k
thomasfan100 lol
thomasfan100 lol 9 tundi tagasi
Fact: never tell anyone what keeps u up all night because I will keep u up all night lol
kenneth nicholson
kenneth nicholson 9 tundi tagasi
I know that's a hack don't that's why I'm saying nonono
kenneth nicholson
kenneth nicholson 9 tundi tagasi
FGTEEV FGTEEV 9 tundi tagasi
Everybody has the same things happen don’t cry about it that’s your big big big crybaby to don’t want to believe that
Gabriella jade
Gabriella jade 9 tundi tagasi
Awww! James has a girlfriend? I'm so proud of him! I know about the whole no shipping thing. But I ship him with GIF💙
Brixnëy_Bat 9 tundi tagasi
2:13 Watch this on loop
iloveyou 9 tundi tagasi
hi future me how are you
SliME 9 tundi tagasi
You can go to warhammer 40k Hahahahhahahahah no please don't
5 Family Friends
5 Family Friends 9 tundi tagasi
Acting for some Japanese TV show? How did she do that if it’s anime and animated?!?!
liam cooper
liam cooper 9 tundi tagasi
Funny Valentine
Funny Valentine 9 tundi tagasi
So James do I make anime real in this universe uhhhhh
Jacob De Guzman
Jacob De Guzman 9 tundi tagasi
bro this is exactly how i feel everyday so i just dont do stuff but i end up getting in trouble with my parents but at least it was worth it
Dylan Patel
Dylan Patel 9 tundi tagasi
This is not correct tomatoes are fruits and Adam and Eve would have most likely eaten a pomegranate. So yah
WhiteWulfe 9 tundi tagasi
I typically won't buy a shirt that's over $20, unless I really, really, REALLY like it. I miss Army & Navy a lot, because man, it was GREAT for work shirts back in the day. Get 3 or 4 of them for $10, and you didn't care if they only lasted 2-3 months because you worked in a warehouse, and only idiots (or forklift drivers) wore stuff that didn't fall in the "it's clean and I don't care if it dies because at some point it's going to snag on a pallet or shelf" category.
5 Family Friends
5 Family Friends 9 tundi tagasi
All sailor moon fans that are in season two be like I wanted to watch it without any spoilers because that is absolutely me
so its time
so its time 9 tundi tagasi
im a student
so its time
so its time 9 tundi tagasi
Mullet Proper
Mullet Proper 9 tundi tagasi
we didn't have a hamster but i know mine killed our nieghbors i cant spell
Brendan Mahoney
Brendan Mahoney 9 tundi tagasi
I'm a twin And being 2mins older is the best!
MythicalKittydog 9 tundi tagasi
If that *was* real... I would constantly swap between reality and my made-up realm which has dragons (evil dragons who want to eat you) and a whole lot over other stuff that I don't have time to type out.
mark giselle lopez
mark giselle lopez 9 tundi tagasi
i want to play my game but mom says do my chores then she offs my game but i have pre orderd game on steam so i open it again ohhhh im a bad person i open my game again im gonna check the pre orderd game on steam now uhhhh sequal bad person
ITS ME 9 tundi tagasi
I dont know why but this has been bugging me for a couple months im watching his videos and realizing that he is cutting out his dad so what really happened between James and his dad???
Cactus 9 tundi tagasi
We were all rooting for you James :(
SEsayers Gaming
SEsayers Gaming 9 tundi tagasi
If you do because a math teacher u should teach at crook county high school
I love Naruto I’m a fan
I love Naruto I’m a fan 9 tundi tagasi
Jojo meme lol
The Poke Pro
The Poke Pro 10 tundi tagasi
Uploaded a new vid it's been I week plssssss (I just edited pls to plssss)
Mar-Juan Mosley
Mar-Juan Mosley 10 tundi tagasi
Damian Espinoza
Damian Espinoza 10 tundi tagasi
Why did you spoil Charlottes web :,(
caleb 10 tundi tagasi
My dog is losing his leg f in the chat for my dog
Cherry Mocha Bunny
Cherry Mocha Bunny 10 tundi tagasi
I don’t like Spiders
FGTEEV FGTEEV 10 tundi tagasi
Make a pet fly but make it and what is the ground up and up subway make it funny for you
call me PeterGriffin
call me PeterGriffin 10 tundi tagasi
Was that a joojoooos reference mmmmmmmm you sly basterd
Rillian Bustamante
Rillian Bustamante 10 tundi tagasi
I'm actually a bunny person Cause I got 2 bunnys
Enrique Cazares
Enrique Cazares 10 tundi tagasi
Meh love your shirt
Ankit Sagar
Ankit Sagar 10 tundi tagasi
I am 11 but still in 5th grade
:] 10 tundi tagasi
I figured it out he didn't say a curse word he said gup "shut the gup, Sally you dont get to talk after stealing my last railroad"
im OMG
im OMG 10 tundi tagasi
I have a cat
Scales The Raptor Was Here
Scales The Raptor Was Here 10 tundi tagasi
“Any one can dig a ditch but it takes a real man to make it a school” because if the first answer was get and education idk
AXel Jeremiah Peñaranda
AXel Jeremiah Peñaranda 10 tundi tagasi
I got stung by a bee in 1 time it really hurt my hand
The Groudon bros
The Groudon bros 10 tundi tagasi
I don't have breakfast much I have lunch so technically lunch is the most important meal of the day at least for me :D
Perry n
Perry n 10 tundi tagasi
Odd: I’m a good person *proceeds to take a way the mailman mails*
im OMG
im OMG 10 tundi tagasi
Live at London
10 tundi tagasi
Poot james
Donavan Massey
Donavan Massey 10 tundi tagasi
james do you have a tiktok
Brown Line 12
Brown Line 12 10 tundi tagasi
0:56 Let Me Explain Studios Refrence
Perry n
Perry n 10 tundi tagasi
Bruh I been watching a lot gravity falls then I start seeing a lot of gravity falls characters
Clorox Bleach
Clorox Bleach 10 tundi tagasi
Are those the paper plates that Hunter took
Girlfriend asmr
Girlfriend asmr 10 tundi tagasi
Also james If i could bring todoroki here I would but.. I cant :,( so hey why not become self aware in my dream (also nice bakugo crush )
Daniel Lu 2.1
Daniel Lu 2.1 10 tundi tagasi
how did you find this fanfic?
Jorge Rodríguez
Jorge Rodríguez 10 tundi tagasi
Nitpicking Nerds
Nitpicking Nerds 10 tundi tagasi
Ah, I see you finally found a use for Prismatic Piper
Karthi Keyan 3D
Karthi Keyan 3D 10 tundi tagasi
0:43 Is James referring to jaiden's dog ari
It's SuperMarioPlushBros
It's SuperMarioPlushBros 10 tundi tagasi
Idk why but James looks adorable in the thumbnail with the big sweater reminds me of me.
Girlfriend asmr
Girlfriend asmr 10 tundi tagasi
Did james just claim bakugo in like 10 seconds
Bill Cypher
Bill Cypher 10 tundi tagasi
Ah see, James wants to be a math teacher so Hogwarts isn't out of the question
Coolgamercayden 10 tundi tagasi
The battle royal vid itself is shorter than this commentary
Shadow_sam 10 tundi tagasi
James just asks yourself, "Would if shifting is real" "would if I can shift."
Racso Dray
Racso Dray 10 tundi tagasi
Jame shit
Rumana Hoq
Rumana Hoq 10 tundi tagasi
Draco, You will be in detention for being gay with a cartoon muggles
DadNDave 10 tundi tagasi
bring back the Names For Your Kids: series